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What is RADtool?

RADtool is a plugin for VMD that provides a range of options for the analysis and visualization/animation of ribosome structures. The primary purpose of RADtool is to provide a consistent approach for describing orientations of the small subunit (SSU) head and body domains. Over the last 20 years, these domains have been found to adopt many distinct orientations, which may be directly compared using RADtool.

Some capabilities of RADtool include:

Download RADtool

RADtool is a plugin for VMD. It has been tested with VMD v1.9.3 (on OSX, Linux and Windows) and pre-release versions of VMD 1.9.4. First download and install VMD, then download and launch RADtool. Configuration and usage instructions are available in the README file. We also provide short introductory videos on the Usage Examples Page.

Version Release Date md5 (.tgz or .zip file)
1.0 (.tgz) 6/23/22 f514d89b55a58f70d47cb2a6363215c6
1.0 (.zip) 6/23/22 05cda9862a518f4ca74ceeaa86d7a9e8

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